Todd Lubar is an inspiring real estate professional who has helped create change in the last several years. Starting his career back in 1995, he graduated from college with a degree in speech communication. He always longed for striving to help others, and so he started as a loan originator for a big corporation. He eventually formed different relationships with CPAs, financial planners, insurance agents, and even real estate agents. Now, he works with them personally and is part of his list of good contacts. It is through his hard work where he finally got on the right track and found his path on helping others and making change.

According to, he spent about 12 years of his work in this industry before realizing that he could help others. This feeling and wanting to help others is what made him create the Legendary Financial, LLC. Right under the financial division, you will find that he lends to companies and individuals. This allows for him to borrow to those who are usually likely to be overlooked by the traditional sources that lend money. He has now been involved in more than 7,000 real estate and lending transactions. Back in 2008, he was finally able to invest in other areas like commercial demolition and other ventures.

Nothing is more difficult than becoming a homeowner, but people like Todd has made this a real possibility for so many people. He does everything that he can to provide and create solutions for those ready to become homeowners. The Baltimore real estate crisis is what has made it such a difficulty for new people to get a real home for themselves. For those interested on getting this done, Todd is more than willing to help and provide his services. His loan expertise ( is what has helped so many fulfill their dreams of becoming a homeowner.

It is through his work forming relationships with so many people from lenders, banks, and everybody else in between that helped him create results for him on helping others get the loans his clients need. Todd is the definition of a guy who helps people.

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