If you follow any beauty blogs or viral posts on Facebook about the latest (and sometime very odd) beauty crazes it will likely be very plain to see that the world of beauty is changing quite a bit. Some changes are subtle such as the emphasis placed on full and lush eyebrows versus the very thin eyebrows that were all the rage among classic Hollywood ingénues nearly 80 years ago. Many beauty aficionados extol the virtues of bronzer and matte lipstick in shades of wine and burgundy that are a throwback to the makeup trends that ended up defining the decade before the turn of the century. Well, other beauty trends are a bit more creative, if a little strange, such as the unicorn hair trend that Cosmopolitan.com wrote about in 2016 wherein people braided or twisted a section of hair so that it would stand upright much like the horn that adorns the head of the fictional creature it is named for. Then there is the fuzzy nail trend, a new way of doing one’s nails that first showed up on runways during New York Fashion Week a few years ago. The trend was the brainchild of a creative director of a nail polish company and involved painting one’s nails and attached bits of fuzzy or furry material to them.

But not every innovation that is rearing its head in the world of beauty is necessarily as bizarre as the fuzzy nail trend. Recently, new voices in the world of cosmetics have brought changes to the way that the beauty world and its customers imagine what lip balm can be. That new voice is Evolution of Smooth (commonly known as EOS lip balm) who upended the beauty world when it introduced its main product the Evolution of Smooth organic smooth sphere into the market. According to Fast Company Magazine EOS lip balm is the second most popular lip balm in the country despite making its debut less than ten years ago.