Fabletics is athleisure wear brand that has grown exponentially in the last couple of years even in the highly competitive fashion market due to its focus on quality and affordability. Before the launch of Fabletics, the athleisure wear offered by other brands came at high prices, which in most cases aren’t comfortably affordable for the middle-class buyers. Fabletics started off as a start-up, but soon became a popular mainstream brand loved by the people. Fabletics focused on offering quality products at affordable prices and also ensured that the design and styling of its products are top notches. It attracted youth towards the brand, which helped add mileage to the brand and made it the overall success that it went on to become.


Even though there are numerous reasons why Fabletics managed to gain such tremendous success in a short span of time, one of the primary reasons is that it focused heavily on what the customers think about the brand. The reviews posted by the customers on the internet are taken very seriously, which helps the brand to modify its marketing and sales strategy as well as design and develop its products to meet the requirements, preferences, and the expectations of the customers. It is essential these days to take note of the reviews of the customers to ensure that the end product is something that the customers would like and prefer buying; else the brand would lose out to the competition every single day.


It is this focus on the quality and meeting the customers’ expectations that Fabletics has managed to reach the sales figures of over $250 million annually. The company has over 1.2 million paid subscribers, who pay monthly to buy the products from the company. One of the techniques that Fabletics uses to read the ongoing and widespread trends in the market these days is using technology to its advantage. The Big Data plays a pivotal role in how the company makes and implements its marketing and sales strategy. The Big Data feeds the management with details like which products are more in demand, which region is experiencing substantial sales, and other semantic details. Such information helps a lot in making significant changes in its marketing and sales policies in real-time to provide better services to the customers and ensure that the company meets the expectations of the customers.


Kate Hudson, who is one of the co-owner of Fabletics, has also contributed heavily to the success of the company and ensured that the products of the company are designed to meet the expectations of the modern consumers. The design preferences of Kate Hudson and her creative design ideas are implemented in the athleisure wear manufactured and marketed by Fabletics. She is also responsible for roping in other celebrities to collaborate with Fabletics and launch limited edition collection, and the most recent star to collaborate with Fabletics was Demi Lovato. If you want to indulge in a personalized shopping experience like never before, make sure to visit the official website of Fabletics and take the Lifestyle Quiz today.