Month: December 2017

The Career and Charity Work of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family has been recognized as one of the most generous families in the state of Michigan. Over the years, this family has given millions of dollars to a number of different causes on a regular basis. In western Michigan, a person’s status is not measured by their material and financial wealth, but on how much they give to others. The DeVos family is therefore among the most highly esteemed families in the area as a result. On a regular basis, the DeVos family provides funding for a number of causes such as education, business development and the performing arts. With their donations, the DeVos family has established itself as one of the most helpful families in the nation. Their contributions have helped numerous people and organizations over the years. In total, the DeVos family has donated over $90 million which is among the highest amounts given by any family in the United States.


Dick DeVos is the son of Amway founder Rich DeVos. Today, Dick follows in his father’s footsteps of providing a number of donations to numerous organizations. One of the most common things that DeVos donates to is education. Over the years, Dick has provided funds for scholarships as well as funding for private charter schools. With his donations for scholarships, Dick has helped a number of students attend and complete business school. This has translated into helping these ambitious students increase their income potential and reach their career goals. The funding for private charter schools has allowed parents to ensure that their children get the best education available on more affordable terms.


Another cause that Dick has given to over the years is business development. Each year, Dick provides funds for small businesses to get the capital they need in order to start up or expand. He provides them with funds for properties, inventory, machinery, equipment and mentorship. With his donations, a number of businesses have been in position to improve the efficiency of their operations as well as provide more products to customers. A number of businesses were therefore in better position to reach their full potential due to DeVos’ generous donations.


As well as being a well known philanthropist, Dick DeVos is also one of the most successful businesspeople in the world. He was previously the CEO of the direct selling company Amway. As CEO he helped expand the company to multiple markets throughout the world. Dick spent many years working at various positions in the company before moving up to CEO. Along with being the CEO of Amway, Dick also managed the Orlando Magic basketball team and helped them form into a top organization in the league.


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Bruno Fagali Is A Credibly Skilled Brazilian Attorney

Bruno Fagali is a prominent attorney based in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is a specialist in various areas of law. These areas are ethics, law, compliance, administrative law, urban law, and regulatory law as well. Bruno Fagali has an intensive experience in the law department which has a strong foundation. He has many years of experience in administrative law and has built a credible reputation. Bruno Fagali has served in numerous law firms since 2016 where he has managed to direct his concern towards various law disciplines.

Talking about Bruno Fagali work, he operates an agency by the name Fagali Law Firm. He is the owner of this agency and he practices independently. Bruno Fagali serves in Nova/SB as a corporate integrity/compliance manager. When Bruno Fagali speaks in an interview, He talked about integrity and development possibilities. As the compliance manager for Nova/SB, Bruno Fagali has raised the company so much that it has become one of the most complaints in Brazil. He has managed to achieve all this through integrity and good governance at large.

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He has managed to quickly develop an agency that has been among the best renowned in this particular industry. He has been able to achieve this since he works hard and tirelessly. Bruno Fagali has an intensive exposure in this field and thus, he is highly experienced in the areas that he practices in. Bruno Fagali is highly educated. He has pursued his education at the Sao Paulo University. Bruno Fagali pursued state law and attained a Master’s Degree as well. In addition to this, he also studied administrative law at the Pontifical Catholic University where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree.

I would recommend all those in Brazil and believes that they can get justice by use of Fagali’s services to contact him. Bruno Fagali has a website that is well maintained and holds his contact details as well. Despite that administrative can be sophisticated, it’s very important to hire an experienced lawyer with credible exposure in this field. Bruno Fagali among these credible and highly experience Brazilian lawyers recognize in this field. He has been a hero in administrative law in Brazil. He is a landmark that has played a great role in Brazilian law.

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