Month: May 2017

Proffessional Investing With Brad Reifler.

Ever wondered how leaders manage to achieve a lot and still keep on thriving for more? Well here is the secret, they persevere, work hard, and have a passion in everything they do. This is exactly what the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, LLC Mr. Brad Reifler believes and does each day.

For him, he makes sure that each day he learns something new and implements something new too. Brad studied at Bowdoin College where he graduated with good grades.

As a very prominent and productive entrepreneur, he believes in leading. He focuses on finding his way to the top by bringing in new ideas in the financial sector and implementing them into actionable plans. He believes that if several ideas are brought together, they can be turned into one big strategy that can change the world; Brad is turning the financial sector into a better place.

His focus has always been prioritizing on the most valuable resource which is finance. As a manager, he concentrates on his customers’ desires and wants, and thus creating customer friendly services that have made him among the top investment managers in America. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Prior becoming the CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, Brad was the Chief Executive of Reifler Co., a Future company that he founded in the year 1980 when he started his career.

It is in this company that Brad Reifler realized his potential in investments, and he decided to build an empire in the financial sector. In the year 2000, he sold this firm to one of the world’s largest Future firm, and he focused on Pali Capital, a company he had started in the year 1995.

Pali Capital is a sell, slide brokerage firm that focuses on Equity markets. In June 2009, Brad Reifler founded Forefront, a company that provides financial services to individuals, high net worth individuals, institutional investors among others.

With his vast experience and his outstanding skills, Brad has taken his companies to greater heights and has increased his portfolio and his profits with a huge margin. Brad Reifler is a family man; he is a dedicated father to three children.

Marc Sparks: A Success Story

Success is not a matter of luck, and this is something that Marc Sparks understands all too well. Marc is a true success story. Even though he didn’t go to college, Marc has built a successful business.



Marc is a serial entrepreneur and has been the principal of many dozens of startups. Most of his startups have been successful and other downright disastrous. Marc has attributed his success to his ability to learn from his mistakes.



Marc has surrounded himself with talented people who have helped him develop ideas for business. As a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he builds companies from the ground and let the owners manage the companies. Marc has, however, maintained a portfolio of companies through his Company Timber Creek Capital.



He has a built business model and culture that enables him develops ideas into fully operating companies. Marc leads by example, and he sets patterns that his employees follow. That is what has guaranteed him company success.



Through his many lessons, Marc decided to publish a book: They Can’t Eat You. This is a book that he documents his success and mistakes. According to Marc, it is easy for people to learn better from the mistakes that people make than they would the success stories. In the book, Marc has included the story of how he lost his insurance company within a ninety-day period.



Marc has developed a set of qualities that has helped him over the course of his career: Tenacity, hard work, his keen instinct, and he is not afraid of losing. He once said that he isn’t afraid to lose it all because he can rebuild it again.



Outside of his involvement with business, Marc has developed a passion for helping his fellow men. That is why he spends time helping the homeless through the Samaritan Inn. He has been involved in the project since the late 1980s. The homeless shelter provides shelter to 160 residents for five months. The Samaritan Inn offers a Hand up. That means that they helped the people to get back on their feet. They offer counseling, job placement, financial education, family services, and health programs.



Marc is involved in the Habitat Humanity. Through the organization, he has built many different homes. As a big supporter of the American Can Academic, he has donated computers to at-risk-students to help them break from poverty.



When he is not working, Marc is an outdoorsman and loves adventurous travel. He has traveled around the world in 23 days. He draws his business ideas from all his travels. Marc has and health enthusiast, loves hiking, golfing, biking, hunting, and fishing.



Marc thrives in competitive in business and also in sports, and that is how he maintains success.




The Success Story of Kevin Seawright in the Economic Field

He is a financial and administrative expert at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright has emerged as a competent and excellent operations expert. He has thrived because he has a brilliant economic knowledge. Kevin Seawright can efficiently re-strategize organizations and is trusted all over New Jersey. He is currently the Vice President in his place of work. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

In the social circles, he mostly comments on basketball. He is a big fan of Lebron James, and by the look of things, he likes watching his matches. He also posts funny videos that make his followers laugh a bit.

He proves that he is a good man to work with and has leadership skills and to add on this, he went to Mendoza College of Business and did Executive Leadership. He loves posting funny pictures too. In Twitter, he shows the things that he accomplishes and the projects that he carries out to help the community as a whole. He is full of positivity.

The best thing that you will not easily find with most bosses is the fact that with his leadership he will create employment and better opportunities for the already employed staff.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has worked for more than 13 years, and Kevin Seawright has used his talent to enhance the lives of people on the East Coast. He creates qualities such as team inclusion, business acumen, private financial sector and governmental operations that will lead to outcome efficiency.

He has shown efficiency and continuous delivery. His accomplishments are revenue enhancements that have increased the annual returns by 25% after goods and services have been offered. He has consolidated Human Capital Division and avoiding firing of employees. Apart from people being employed, they are also compensated, and in some cases change the management. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

He has been using some tips that he points out, and I admire them. They have made his career shine and are:

  • Being a successful team player and sharing skills.
  • Promoting efficiency and reliability in all sectors.
  • Always enhance proficiency combining it with information technology.
  • By approaching all situations with maturity and absolute honesty and to see the problems as chances to show prowess.
  • Develop, manage and lead productive and aggressive teams.
  • Have an active association with the neighboring communities and authorities.

How EOS Lip Balm Is Modernizing Beauty

If you follow any beauty blogs or viral posts on Facebook about the latest (and sometime very odd) beauty crazes it will likely be very plain to see that the world of beauty is changing quite a bit. Some changes are subtle such as the emphasis placed on full and lush eyebrows versus the very thin eyebrows that were all the rage among classic Hollywood ingénues nearly 80 years ago. Many beauty aficionados extol the virtues of bronzer and matte lipstick in shades of wine and burgundy that are a throwback to the makeup trends that ended up defining the decade before the turn of the century. Well, other beauty trends are a bit more creative, if a little strange, such as the unicorn hair trend that wrote about in 2016 wherein people braided or twisted a section of hair so that it would stand upright much like the horn that adorns the head of the fictional creature it is named for. Then there is the fuzzy nail trend, a new way of doing one’s nails that first showed up on runways during New York Fashion Week a few years ago. The trend was the brainchild of a creative director of a nail polish company and involved painting one’s nails and attached bits of fuzzy or furry material to them.

But not every innovation that is rearing its head in the world of beauty is necessarily as bizarre as the fuzzy nail trend. Recently, new voices in the world of cosmetics have brought changes to the way that the beauty world and its customers imagine what lip balm can be. That new voice is Evolution of Smooth (commonly known as EOS lip balm) who upended the beauty world when it introduced its main product the Evolution of Smooth organic smooth sphere into the market. According to Fast Company Magazine EOS lip balm is the second most popular lip balm in the country despite making its debut less than ten years ago.

Mike Baur, An Entrepreneur Who Looks To The Future Economy

Mike Baur the co-founder and CEO of Swiss Startup Factory spent close to 20 years in the Swiss Private Banking Sector. He is an entrepreneur with ideas and solutions in the new digital transformation economy of the 21st Century.


Baur started his career as a commercial apprentice at UBS, a Swiss global financial services company. He started with UBS in 1991 and moved up the ladder in the company. In 2008 he moved to Clariden Leu in Switzerland and then in 2012, he joined Sallfort Privatbank AG. His extensive training, knowledge and network grew, and with it, a passion to help other create their own business.


Thus, in 2014 he and his two partners formed the Swiss Start up Factory. The goal of the company was to turn start-ups into global companies. The company provides start-ups with a three month program which they refer to as the accelerator program. The program includes:


  • Financing for the start up.
  • Coaching.
  • Office space. The co-working space for your company would include some of the following options: Co-working desks, fitness center, meeting rooms, lunch space, welcome area, free wifi, video studio, mailbox and post.
  • Mentoring.
  • Access to investor and entrepreneurial network.

To graduate from the accelerator program you have to complete 3 performance milestones to graduate. How do they decide whether the milestones have been accomplished? A jury consisting of entrepreneurs, specialists and the founders of the Swiss Start will determine whether the startup is performing up to the standards set.

Baur sees a new economy coming in the 21st Century. And he feels that his Swiss Startup Factory can bridge the divide between the old economy and the new economy. How? Through growing and solving the many challenges of the digital transformation within Swiss companies.

His feels so strongly about his accelerator start-up ideas that he shares this knowledge at universities and companies. His other passion is sports. He is an avid fan of his hometown hockey team Fribourg Gotteron and he follows the Swiss Tennis Pros.

Mike Baur received his B.A.Sc in Banking and Finance from the University of Applied Sciences Bern, his MBA from the University of Rochester and his EMBA from the University of Bern.