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Kirkland Dog Food: The Contents and Healthy Ingredients

Among the many types and brands of dog foods out there, you have probably heard about Kirkland dog food. There have been some positive reviews and feedbacks about the variant, although some minor negative opinions are also provided. If you want to give high quality dog food that is filled with healthy contents and ingredients – without having to break the bank, this dog food brand can provide great solution. Do you know that most dog owners with more than one dog have this kind of dog food because of the affordability?

The Kirkland dog food is basically a private brand made by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc for CostCo. Since it is a private label, it is quite difficult to find detailed information about the ingredients and the brands, although the company claims that they have nothing to hide. CostCo doesn’t provide any official web displaying the info and they don’t advertise the product either. So far, Kirkland is known as high quality food with good reputation. However, some unfortunate events happened in 2007 and 2012. The Signature Premium cans were recalled in 2007. Diamond was then doing another recall in 2012 because of Salmonella issue, where lots of dogs turn sick after eating the products.

About Kirkland Dog Food

This dog food line is produced and made to deliver premium and high quality dog food within affordable price tag. Not only the food is grain free, it is also free from soy, wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, animal digest, and by products. Price factor is the main reason why dog owners switch to this brand, especially those with multiple dogs.

In dry food lines, the brand comes with

  • Signature Small Dog, which is designed for small breed
  • Signature Puppy Formula, which is designed for young dogs
  • Signature Mature Dog, which is targeted for adult dongs
  • Rice and Chicken Formula, which is claimed to be the healthy combination
  • Signature Adult Dog with Lamb, which has lamb content for improved healthy consumption
  • Signature Healthy Weight, which is designed for obese dogs or dogs who want to stay in shape.

In canned food lines, you can buy:

  • Beef and Veggies, which is also claimed as the healthy mix
  • Signature Adult Dog with Chicken, which is almost the same as the lamb ingredients
  • Lamb and Rice

 kirkland adult dog food ingredient

The Healthy Contents and Ingredients

The main contents in the food are lamb meal and lamb, which is considered healthy and rich in protein. The main difference between these two is that lamb refers to whole lamb, even to the moisture packed within it before being cooked and processed. Lamb meal on the other hand, refers to rendered dry parts that have been processed for the inclusion within the dog food. Although dry lamb may not seem promising, it actually contains more protein. It packs off protein up to 300% more than the whole lamb. After all, the whole lamb will experience nutrition reduction after being processed. The nutritional value and quality will be diminished significantly too; that’s why the lamb meal is added into the mix.

Besides the main protein, the dog food also contains white rice, brown rice whole grain, and rice brand. These combinations introduce simple as well as complex sugar for the dogs. Brown rice, for instance, is a complex carbs that will break down slowly when digested. It won’t cause any sudden spike in the blood sugar; thus, retaining fulfilling effect for longer period. Dogs need to have combination of simple and complex sugar because of the different activities they have. For sudden active moves, the simple carbs can be used. But for longer activities, the complex carbs is important. White rice is a good example of simple carbs. Rice bran is included because it contains more fibers than the white rice. If you see the content from overall perspective, these combinations are quite good and logical – as long as you aren’t totally opposed to grain matters.

Another matter in the ingredient mix is the chicken fat, along with vitamin E. According to health experts, chicken fat is a very good source of healthy fat. And since it is coming with tocopherols, a natural preservative, the content remains intact in the healthiest way. Rosemary extract, another natural preservative, is also added into the content. The overall ingredients are basically okay and healthy, but it can cause issues for epileptic dogs or dogs with weight problems. You should be careful with these contents as they can rigger seizure attack or cause obesity.

Besides the chicken fat, fishmeal and egg products are also included within it. The reason why egg product is used is because of the easy digestible trait as well as the high level of natural protein. Fishmeal is also another protein source that can increase the number of protein in the food significantly. According to the company, fishmeal is taken from ethoxyquin free source, which means that they are safe to consume. However, some experts think that these ingredients are only fillers. They are quite high in calories, but in total nutritional value, they don’t contribute much.

Besides those contents, there are other ingredients that are added into the list. Flaxseed, for instance, is rich in fatty acid Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is also rich in vitamin K and other natural nutrients. Beet pulp – the dried one – is rich in fiber, especially the insoluble one. There has been a continuous controversy about beet pulp, where health experts call it as filler. The problem is, most dog food manufacturers are using this ingredient in their products, so it is rather difficult to find a product without one. Beet pulp is claimed to improve colon’s health, but dogs with sensitive digestive system should limit the intake or totally avoid consuming one.

It is imperative that you always consult professional veterinarian before giving any dog food – from any brands – to your pets. You need to make sure that the food isn’t only healthy, but it won’t cause health issues either. No matter how inexpensive it is, no dog food is worth the health and well being of your dogs.

Why Low Protein Dog Food Is Needed and the Important Considerations to Ponder

The controversy about high protein dog food as well as the low protein has been around for quite some time. There are several different opinions about the need of low protein dog food; some say that it is good, while some disagree. Although most vets are against the idea of feeding off dogs with high protein food, the low protein one is also considered as a risk.

Understanding the Concept of Such Food

Before you get confused about which dog food to choose and you can’t really determine which one is the best one for your dogs, here are some facts that you need to know about each type of the dog food. Basically, a healthy dog needs about 25% of protein for its daily requirements and needs. Dog foods with regular and normal standard of protein level provide such amount without exaggerating the amount or reducing it. However, there are several manufacturers that are making high protein dog foods for the claimed of improved health and performance. The protein level is increased; thus, leading to better health and fitness, making the dogs stay fit most of the times.

low protein dog food image

However, the problem with such high protein food is either the food contains filler only or they may have higher price tag. Some brands that are suspected by having fillers in their products claim that their ingredients are healthy and go along with the health standard. However, when further research and examinations are done, some of the ingredients are high in calories and carbs, but they don’t have significant role for the food. Even when these ingredients are removed from the ingredient list, the food is still considered healthy and the nutritional value isn’t affected much. Moreover, some of these contents are suspected to cause health issues in certain dogs, such as constipation, digestive issues, and oven obesity, blood sugar, and heart problems.


Giving low protein dog food can also dangerous for your dogs if you do it without consulting professional vets. Healthy dogs should get the right protein level, no more or no less. If you give low protein food carelessly, you are putting your dogs into great risk, even jeopardizing their lives. That’s why you need to know what kind of food it is and its main function.


Low Protein Dog Food: The Function

As the name suggest, the dog food comes in low protein level; lower than the average standard. The dog food can come in canned and also dry variations. If your dogs have health issues, especially the ones that are related to kidney problem, then the low protein food is mostly suggested by vets. These kinds of foods can be bought by prescription only because of higher risk considerations. If the food is sold at any pet stores easily, unaware pet owners who don’t really understand the usage of such food can purchase the food and risk their pets’ lives. It is suggested that you buy this dog food only if your dogs have kidney issue, and you should check their conditions before making a change in their diet menu.


You see, healthy dogs naturally excrete toxins through urine, but when they have kidney issues – which mean that the kidney isn’t properly functioning – the toxins can pile up and be excessive in number – which is bad for the body. Consuming protein will result in the toxins, so if the protein consumption can be limited, the amount of toxins in the body won’t be excessive either. The body won’t have to work extra hard, leading to better health. That’s why such low protein food is needed.


Changing the regular diet into low protein diet is important if the dogs have health problems that can affect the urinary tract and related to:

  • Kidney failure
  • Congenital kidney issue
  • Chronic and acute kidney failure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Urinary stones
  • Kidney failure caused by parasites and Lyme
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Genetic condition of the kidney

Mind you that giving the food should be accompanied with health checking and vets diagnose concerning your pets fitness. Many dog owners are making mistakes by giving this low protein food to their aging dogs, thinking that their protein requirements will naturally reduce as the dogs grow older, but that’s always the case. In most common cases, older dogs still require the same protein level as when they were young.

low protein dog food low phosporus

Making sure that your dogs remain healthy isn’t only done through the low protein food. Here are the things you need to consider about when giving low protein food to your dogs:

  • The food should have low level of phosphorus since the body will retain it. When it gets stuck in the system, potassium and calcium imbalance will likely happen.
  • The low protein food should have the so called bio-availability, which means that the body can easily utilize the protein. If a food has such availability, less waste will be produced, and less toxins pile up will happen.
  • The food should also have natural ingredients without any chemical preservatives. The liver and kidney are responsible for filtering the food, and if the food is rich in preservatives, you can imagine how hard these body organs must work. If the kidney works too hard, it can cause strains and easily damaged parts.
  • The food should have high level of vitamin D3 as well as calcium. By having kidney issue, it means that your dogs can’t really absorb the calcium in the maximum way.


Handling Dogs with Low Protein Food

The problem with low protein dog food is they aren’t as tasty as the regular food. Most of the flavors come from protein, resulting in tasteless food when the protein level is reduced or even removed. Some dogs may not experience such change and they don’t mind it. However, some dogs may develop difficulty in eating and they become picky eaters. It takes time for them to get used to the new diet and life style. All you have to do is stick to the vets’ advice and continue the low protein diet. Over time, your dogs will get used to it. The low protein foods aren’t only about giving tasty treats, but also about life changing moment that can save your dogs.


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Facts You Need to Know about Authority Dog Food

If you are looking for healthy and nutritious dog food and treat that won’t hurt your wallet, authority dog food may be the perfect option for your requirements. Those hardcore pet lovers – especially who are into dogs very much – are really paying detailed attention to the care of their furry friends. They don’t want anything regular and ordinary; they want something that isn’t only healthy, but also safe – in case the dog food is affordable, it is an added bonus.

And the option to choose authority dog food isn’t made through simple process. For a starter, the name has been in the industry for quite a while, so they are considered reliable; they know what they are doing when it comes to creating a treat that is both healthy and tasty – at least for dogs. That’s why they are coming with different variations of taste. You can see such recipes like puppy treat with real lamb or puppy food with real chicken. There are also adult chunks along with real lamb or chicken, for the grown and mature dogs. They even create special recipes for older dogs like food for seniors with real chicken or adult treat for weight management with lamb or real chicken. Or in case you have large breed dogs at home, you can try the food for older large breed with chicken or food for large breed adults and weight management system.

Authority is the brand from PetSmart, and PetSmart does have a lot of different variants for different pets. You can find foods for reptiles, fish, cats, and birds. Food for dogs is coming in four different categories: dried foods, canned foods, fresh foods, and treats. Despite the different categories, the contents and ingredients are mostly the same, so your pets can still enjoy the nutritious value despite whatever types of food being given to them.

Authority is all about nutritious ingredients and healthy contents; that’s why one of their positive elements is the inclusion of fruits and veggies into the mix, without compromising the content of meat and protein. If you take a look at the label, you should see that the level of protein is around 29%, fat is 16% and carbs is the biggest: around 48%. Each bag has around 4.4% of fiber, which is considered good for the manufacturer. However, there are some facts that dog owner should know when they are reading the ingredient label. First of all, many isn’t always mean good. Just because a product has a very long list of ingredients, it doesn’t always mean that they are all natural and healthy.

authority dog food factsThe main ingredient in this dog food is chicken or meat. Despite the label of high quality item, raw meat actually contains more water when they are fresh – about 80% of it. When the meat is cooked and processed, most of the moisture and content is naturally lost – making the original content only in faction number in the end. This is one of the most common reasons why PetSmart is adding carbs, corn, veggies, and fruits into the content. Aside from the real meat, Authority also contains the so-called chicken meal, which is the meat concentrate that is rich in protein – around 300% more than the fresh meat. The combination of fresh meat and meat concentrate is claimed to be one of the main reasons why this dog food is very healthy and nutritious.

Besides the meat, brown rice and corn are also added into the mix. However, there are some controversies about these ingredients. Although brown rice has complex carbs that is easily digested when processed, the long processing procedure is somewhat responsible for the lost of nutritious value. For some dogs, the addition of brown rice even causes constipation, while in others, it causes serious digestion issues, include diarrhea.

Corn, moreover, is another controversial cereal grain, despite the inexpensive trait. Some health experts for animals claim that corn only adds enough nutritional value, although it is good for the energy. In short, whether corn is added or not, it won’t change the nutritional value of the food. After all, the company also adds corn gluten meal, which is a residue left after corn being processed – meaning that the starchy carbs have been mostly removed. Being said so; the protein content of corn gluten meal is basically low, although when added to the whole mix, it can boost the total protein content of the food. It doesn’t mean that the company is cheating in the process of making this dog food; buyers like you need to learn the facts and understand the entire processing rather than trusting everything that is written on the label.

Of course there are still other ‘good’ contents within the good, such as chicken fat and oat groats. Oat groats are whole grain oats with minimal processing as possible. It is good for added nutritional value, but you must not forget the fact that they are gluten free, as well as high in calorie. Sure, they can add energy boost for the dogs, but you must be extra careful if your pets are having weight issue. Chicken fat is another source of fat, where it will be skimmed from the liquid surface. It is actually an important and high quality ingredient, since it is rich in linoleic acid, a special form of fatty acid Omega 6. It is important to avoid high blood pressure and cardiovascular issue.

However, be very careful about the fact that beet pulp is added to the overall list of ingredients. It is still a controversial content, a ‘leftover’ product high in fiber made after sugar beet being processed. From scientific point of view, the beet pulp is not important. But then again, PetSmart is adding the stuffs into their products.

There have been different opinions on authority dog food, some are saying positive things, while others are saying the others. It is important that you consult professional vets to determine what kind of dog food type your pets need and how to administer them properly.

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Vegan Dog Food: How to Make It

Do you know that basically you and your beloved dog are just the same when it comes to diet? Have you ever heard about some dogs that died because of health problems that are related to the improper diet? Yes, indeed, it might sound quite illogical to hear about how a dog could actually die of obesity or high cholesterol. You might never imagine that it is possible. But, yes, it is really true. And the veterinarians have agreed to it. Basically, the dogs and the human beings are just the same. Both need to consume healthy and balance diet. And it is really necessary to make sure that the health can be well maintained.

We all know that when it comes to the balance diet, we need to make sure that we can eat veggies and meat in the right portion. If it is possible, it is highly recommended for you to become vegan. It means that you only eat foods that are based on veggies and fruits. This kind of diet has been proven to be so healthy to the body. The question is, should you apply such diet to your dog? Do you need to change your dog food into some kind of vegan dog food? Is it possible for you to do that? Well, perhaps, at this point, you might not believe it. It sounds totally impossible for you to make your dog to forget about eating meat based foods and start eating veggies.

How can you be so sure that it is impossible? Well, it is because dogs are carnivores. And all carnivores love to eat meat. They do not eat any other else. But, is it really true? According to the experts, carnivores cannot be said to be the animals, which only eat meat. Carnivores refer to the animal that has meat as the dominant food. It does not mean that the carnivores cannot eat the veggies. The carnivores can actually eat veggies just fine. That is why it is also possible for you to make your dog to become a vegan.

vegan dog food

Why You Should Make Your Dogs Become Vegan

Yes, indeed, at this point, you might think that the whole explanation above is just bluffing. However, it is not. It is all actually scientific and has been proven to be so possible. The dogs can actually be turned to be vegan. Of course, you should not think that you can simply give spinach to your dogs and expect that they can start eating it just like they eat the meat. Their instinct will surely deny it. It is just like us, right? If normally we like to eat something, which is made of meat, and then we are asked to eat a bowl full of boiled spinach, we will refuse it, right?

What’s important is how to make the appetite become “aroused”. Yes, dieting is actually about the appetite. Once you have learned that the vegetables are appetizing, you will not have any trouble to eat them as good as when you enjoy your meat. Now the problem is how to turn the vegetables to be appetizing for your dogs. Does it mean that you need to add some meat to the vegetables and hope that the dogs will start eating the meals altogether? Well, it can be a good idea to make your dogs start getting accustomed to the vegetables. However, it is not vegan dog food after and your dog will not become vegan that way. You need to know that there are so many benefits if your dogs have become vegan. In addition to the fact that they will be a lot much healthier and fitter, they will also be more playful and they will also be more energetic. Not to mention, you can also ask your vet to check the condition of your dogs. Your vet will surely say that your vegan dog is totally healthy and it has been proven that vegan dogs can live longer than normal dogs. That is why you should be interested to make your dogs become vegan and you need to try your best to make sure that it can be realized. What you need to do is patient. It is totally a good idea for you to do the method mentioned before like how you can combine the veggies with the meat but after that, make sure that your dog food is all based on vegetables. Below, you can find a great recipe which can be applied to make vegan dog food and the chance for your dogs to love it is also high enough.

how to make vegan dog food

How to Make It

What you are going to do is to make sweet potato peanut butter vegan dog food. It is not hard for you to make such dog food because the ingredients can be found easily out there. At the same time, you can also find that it is also easy for you to make it. What you need to do is to find rice, lentils and sweet potato. You need to bowl those ingredients at once. Whenever they have been properly boiled, you can put them aside and wait for them to get colder. And then, you can mash up the rice, lentils and the sweet potato. You do not need to mash them too softly. Just rough mashing is enough.

After that, you can start adding peanut butter and vinegar to the mashed ingredients. Make sure you stir everything well. Practically, it has been done. You can store the vegan dog food in the fridge and take it out for every mealtime for your beloved dog and as for the serving. It is up to you. You can find that your dogs will love the food so much. It is like there is no difference between the food that you make and the foods, which are usually made of meat. Your dogs will eat it up. It is also good idea for you to give some additional nutrients like the dog vitamin to the food that you make above so your dogs can be even healthier. So, are you ready to make your dog become much healthier? You have known what to do right? Just give it a try and you can see the difference in your dogs. They will be more active and they will also be healthier.

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Different Types of Cheap Dog Beds and How They Benefit You Greatly

Making sure that your dogs are comfortable while protecting your furniture from their scratches, bites, or sheds is an important thing – well, at least if you are paying attention deeply to the clutter free arrangement and the mess factor. There are lots of pet owners who think that having dog beds are just a waste of money. But in reality, you are doing your dog’s good deed if you provide such beds for them.

Of course you can always have them sleep on the bed or couch, but it is YOUR bed and couch. Like humans, dogs need to have their own private place; a place for retreat, a place to sleep and relax, and a place that they can call as their own. Another reason why your dogs need to have their own beds is because of hygiene matter. Sure, you can put a raggedy blanket or old pillow on the corner and let them sleep there, but don’t forget that dogs are mostly outdoor creatures. They may not all be athletic, but they like to play with mud and dirt. Don’t be too surprised if their snout and paws are filled with bacteria, which are easily transferred into the beds. If you buy a special dog bed, such bed has their own unique feature that will protect your furry friends from harm. And such beds are usually adorable and cute; a good additional factor into your interior décor.

You don’t really need to buy expensive ones, as cheap dog beds are easily found. However, there are many different types of such beds, and knowing their unique and distinctive features may help you determine what kind of beds to purchase – and whether your financial condition allows it or not.

Cheap dog bedsThe standard bed is more like this large pillows or cushions that are soft and plush. It doesn’t have rims or edges, and comes in different colors, materials, sizes, and shapes, including square, rectangle, oval, or round. Flannels, microfiber, fleece, or faux suede is mostly used to cover it, with foam padding or polyester fill. Some even come with cedar chips filling to repel insects and odors. This kind of bed is mostly washable. It is generally quite cheap, starting from $5 to $50; depending on the size, material, and quality. Designer beds are of course pricier than that.

The nest bed is almost the same as the standard one, but with raised edges. The edges are either fully or partly supported by rims. It is almost like the mini version of couches or sofas, very good for curling up or leaning on. Not only comfy, this bed is also adorable. It is affordable, ranging from $15 to $50.

The donut bed is similar to the nest bed but with rims around the bed, usually made of soft bolster-like edges that are perfect for curling up. As the name suggests, the bed is generally oval or round. It is also plush; plusher than the standard bed. If your dogs love comfort, this one is the best choice. However, mind the softness because it can actually cause issues for weak or old dogs. Because of being too plush, old and weak dogs with impaired balance will have problems when getting in or out. This one is also included in cheap dog beds category.

It’s not only human need orthopedics beds; dogs also need them. If your dogs have orthopedic issue, the orthopedic bed made of thick and high quality foam will provide additional support for your dog; thus reducing joint stress. Yup, you hear it right…there is special orthopedic bed for dogs. This bed is basically very comfy, but it will be extra helpful for thin or senior dogs as it helps preventing calluses or pressure sores.

Kennel beds are the ones made to fit nicely into crates or kennels. Often time’s dog owners are putting thick or bulky blankets for the dogs to lie or sleep, but with this kind of bed, everything is more flexible and easier. No need to put layers and layers of blankets; simply place the bed and you are good to go! Sure you can always use disposable pads or papers, but they aren’t comfy at all. Finding kennels beds that are water resistant, affordable, and easy to clean is easy. If your dogs like to spend most of their times inside the kennels, you should consider having this bed. It is good for all kinds of dog types, from the bony ones to the older ones.

Raised beds are beds that have raised height from the floor. The orthopedic, nest, or standard beds can come in this raised design as long as they are within a raised frame, which can be made of wicker, wood, plastic, or metal. The main benefits of having this bed are the added comfort and warmth, as well as minimizing the possibility of insect or flea infestation. The raised frame provides distance between the floor and the bed, and it is very perfect for floors that are often dirty, messy, or dirty. Thanks to the raised structure, insects or flea have problems to reach your dogs; resulting in healthier and stress-free dogs. Mind you that such bed isn’t suitable for dogs with back issue or orthopedic problem.

Do you remember the old cartoon shows where there were wooden doghouses on the lawn, where dogs can rest and sleep? Well, such structure is called as hooded or covered beds. It is like the mini version of tents or houses, with cute and adorable appearance. Some are available for large breed, while some are available for small dogs – and usually available with very cute material and design. It is basically a bed or wicker basket that is put inside a tent r house; while the expensive variants may be made of completely plush bedding.

If you like traveling while tagging along your furry friends, you may want to consider having a travel bed. It is inexpensive and foldable, providing easiness for you to pack it up or carry it around. It is quite comfy and plush, and comes in very attractive colors. If you want to find cheap dog beds without compromising comfort, this one is the best option for you.

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Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food

When you want to have a dog as a part of your family, then you need to prepare food for it. The easiest way is of course by using dry dog food. But you should choose the best food for your dog so it could have the best nutrient, which will keep his health, and he would be stronger. That is why you need to compare a few dry food products to be given to your dog the best one available.


How to Compare Dry food for your Dog?

  • Ingredient: first you need to make sure that the foods you are given contain the best ingredient. Find out what your dog really needs based on it health result, then search food that contain nutrient to fulfill those needs. Make sure that the food do not contain any chemical ingredient or any artificial one, the food should only contains natural ingredient. It would be better when you could give your dog organic ingredient so there would not be any trace of chemical inside, however this kind of ingredient would be more expensive.
  • Formula: you should know that the food contains different kind of formula intended to maintain certain dog condition. For example when you have older dog, then you should search for a food that specially made for them. You could also find dry food for overweight dog that contains less fat, but still give them enough nutrients. The best one is food that formulated for certain allergy that your dig might have.
  • Date: since you want to get dry dog food, then you need to make sure it has not expired yet. So you need to check the date on the package, even after you purchase it, you need to remember the date and take a note of the date especially when you store the food in different container and throw out the packaging of the food.
  • Recalls: in the past there are several food that been recall by the factory because they make serious health problem or even cause death to the dog. That is why you need to know which product that have been recall to make sure that the product you want to buy is among them. Try to search on the Internet and talk to your vets to know more about it.
  • Review: when you want to be much sure about the food you want to purchase, then you could try to search for review from owners that has used the food for their dogs.

How to Purchase Your Dry Dog Food

Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food 1When you want to safe more money, it would be better when you purchase it in wholesale rather than in small amount frequently. Try to do a research to get the cheaper price for your dog by comparing the same brand of food that available in different pet store. If you only need to purchase in small amount every month, then you might want to purchase multiple foods in small bags so you could get cheaper price when you buy it wholesale. But when you need to purchase a large amount every month, then it would be all right to purchase the biggest bag that you could find. If you have many dogs try to purchase the food in the same brand for discount price.

How to store your dry food

After you purchase the food, you need to store it in the right way so it would not be spoiled. There are a few ways that you could do to store the food; you could follow one of them that suitable with your liking.

  • Before you purchase it, you need to know how many foods that your dog will need for a whole month. For large dog, you might need to buy the biggest package you could find, but when you have small dog then you only need a small package. This is important to not purchase food more than what you need because you need to keep the food as fresh as possible.
  • Make sure that you purchase the storage that large enough to store the whole package since it would be saver to store it on the storage rather than on the package that you already open because there might be some rodent or insect that could enter the opened package.
  • As the storage type, you could match it as the amount of food you purchase. When you only purchase in small amount, then wall mounted storage or dog food dispenser would be enough. However when you purchase in the large amount, then you need to have a large bin to store the food. But when you use many kinds of food for your dogs or when you also have other animal food to store, you could try to get stackable food bins so it would be easier for you to store dry dog food.
  • Sometimes real dog food storage could be very expensive, that is why it is not mandatory for you to purchase dog food storage. You could also use multipurpose storage that you usually use for your home. Or when you want even cheaper container, you could also use garbage bin as long as it has tight lids to keep the food safe.
  • Before you use the storage, you need to sanitize it first. That is why you need to wash it using dish soap before you use it, and then use warm water to clean it.
  • A little tip when you want to take out the food from the storage, you need to use a scoop. That is why you need to keep it inside the storage or near it. Do not pour other food inside the storage when there are still food inside to keep it from staying under fresh food so it be spoiled and eventually effect other food that actually fresh. If you really want to pour the food, then you need to take out the leftover first before you put the new food inside, and then put back the old dry dog food on top.
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How to Make Your Own Dog Bed

Usually you would only purchase your dog bed on the store, but you should know that you could actually make your own dog bed. It would be a fun experience for you as well as your dog because she would feel more love from the bed that you create by using your own hand. But you should not have to worry since it would be very easy for you to create it.

Preparation to create your own dog bed

DIY-Dog-Bed-FinalThe first thing that you need is of course the cloth that you need for the bed. You could actually use any kinds of material; however it would be better when the material is breathable so your dog skin would not become irritated. When your dog skin is very sensitive, you might want to choose organic material which would not hurt your dog skin. For the color you could actually use any color, however you might want to use different color for the top part of the bed so you could match it with your dog fur color. As the bottom you could use any dark shade color that you want.

Another important material is the batting; this material is used to be used when you want to create a quilt. You need to prepare quite a large number of batting since we would need many of it. You also need to prepare the tools to create the dog bed such as straight pins, sewing machine, measuring tape, scissor, fabric pencil, a pen and a piece of paper.

Steps to make your own dog bed

  • First you need to measure your dog length, use the measuring tape to do it. But make sure you do it when your dog lay down so you know how many space she needs when she sleeps. Use your pen and write it down in your paper to remember it.
  • Next, use the measuring tape and fabric pencil to draw a square in the fabric that you use as your dog measurement. You need to have a pair of fabric for the top and the bottom part with the same size. Cut the fabric, but when you cut the fabric make sure you cut outside the line to give space for the seams. Pin the fabric as the line you have draw before.
  • Do the second steps to measure the battling; however you need to subtract 2 inches from the fabric length and width measurement because you need it to be smaller. For this you need four layers of battling to make sure your dog would be comfortable enough with the thickness.
  • Sew the fabric with 1.5 inch seam on three sides but leave one side open.
  • Take out the pins and turn it so the right side would be on the outside.
  • Roll up your battling and insert it on the fabric. Unroll it inside and smooth it.
  • Make your own dog bed by rolling the open side of the fabric under to create a seam inside, and then sew to close it.
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Healthy Natural Dog Food Tips

Nowadays more and more people are concern about the food that their dog eat, which is why people start to look for natural dog food to give to your dog. However some people might get very confused as to what kind of food that your dog will eat. There are actually many ingredients that you could prepare on your own kitchen that your dog will love. This will surely give more health and nutrient for your dog, and you should not have to worry since it all easy to prepare so you would be able to make it quickly.

Tips on Choosing Healthy Natural Dog Food

Raw ingredient for your dog

Dog will be able to eat raw food easily and you do not need to be troubled to get such food since it would be easy to purchase. First you need to buy a meat since a dog is carnivore so their main food would be meat. This meat would also work as the protein that your dog will need for their health. You could actually use any kinds of meat for your dog including leg or butt from a lamb or cow. But make sure that you purchase it still in fresh condition so it would be better when you go to a butcher yourself since they provides fresh meat. You could also ask the butcher to cut or grind the meat for you so you do not need to process it again. For cheaper price, you could buy it in bulk so you could ask for a discount price.

To add more nutrients to the raw meat, it would be better when you add some vegetable on the natural dog food. The vegetable would be used to add carbohydrate which would be useful for your dog energy. Moreover they would also need fiber and vitamin which you could only get from vegetable since they could not eat other things. But you should be very careful when selecting the vegetable to add since not all vegetable could be eaten by your dog. For example you should not use bean, spinach, pea, beet green, corn, onion, chards, soy, bell peppers, garlic, potatoes, wheat, and tomatoes since it would make your dog belly hurt because of allergy or even damaging their red book cells. The type of vegetable that could be eaten by your dogs is squashes, rice, cucumbers, pumpkins, oats, carrot, zucchinis, beet, parsnip, yam, broccolis, and sweet potato. You need to chop all vegetables into small sizes and mix it well with the meat so the dog would want to eat it when you serve them raw. For the raw ingredient, you could save it inside your refrigerator for maximum 4 days, that is why when you purchase it you need to know how much your dog will eat during those days so they would not be spoiled thus you could not use it anymore.

Cooked ingredient for your dog

Tips on Choosing Healthy Natural Dog Food 2Although it is not mandatory to cook your natural dog food, but you could actually cook the food so it would be easier to digest. Some owner prefers cooked food so they would be able to control the emotion of the dog because the dog never tastes raw food which makes them feels wilder. This especially done to poultry meat for dogs who lives in the country where there are a lot of poultry spread everywhere.

You just need to cook the meat for a little time only to make it tender but the juice still inside the meat. When you cook the meat for too long the juice and the nutrient would come out and it would not be good for your dog anymore. For the vegetable, it would be better when you steam it rather than boil it. By steaming it, the nutrient would not come out from the vegetable so it would still be useful for your dog to eat. Next you need to mix the meat and vegetable together, but do not serve it right away since it would be too hot for your dog to eat; this is why you need to wait until it completely cool before serve it as natural dog food. If you cook more than you need, you should make sure to keep it in tight container inside your freezer.

Dog food recipe with liver

For you who want to make better cooked dog food, we will give you the recipe. To make this you would only need beef liver in the amount that your dog need and enough corn oil, do not add any seasoning since it would be very dangerous for your dog especially onion and garlic which will damage the dog digestion.

To make the liver you need to add enough corn oil on a frying pan then put the liver in to cook it, but do not cooked it to crisp since it will make the liver hard to digest. After you take out the meat you could add half cup of water into the pan to make a little gravy as added taste to natural dog food. Before you could serve it you need to let he liver cool down and remember to cut it so your dog would be easier when eating it.

How many foods your dog needs?

When you feed your dog, it is very important to pay attention to their needs. Make sure you do not give too much food because it will make your dog overweight but you should not give your dog less food either since it will make them lack of nutrient and vulnerable to sickness. This is why you need to calculate the amount of food you will give to your dog. First you need to know how much your dog weight is, and then you could multiply it with 0.4 to know how many ounces your dog should eat in a day. You could choose to give natural dog food once a day in the morning, but you could also try to divide it into two smaller meal to be eaten in the morning and evening.

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How to Create Waterproof Dog Bed at Home

How to Create Waterproof Dog Bed at Home

All of us must love our dogs; this is why we get a dedicated bed for them. However it is important to keep the dog bed dry. This is why you need waterproof dog bed so your dog will stay healthy. A waterproof version of dog bed is available to purchase but it will cost you more money, for you who does not want to buy it you could make your own dog bed to be waterproof.

Usually when you purchase your dog bed, you will get a cover and a bed pad that could be taken out so you could wash the cover when necessary. Now, to make this bed waterproof you could add a liner, which made from waterproof material, that way the water would not reach the bed pad so it will stay dry.

How to Create Waterproof Dog Bed at Home 1

Things to use as liner on dog bed

There are many things that you could actually use to make your dog bed waterproof, such as:

  • Garbage bag: when you are in a hurry, the first thing that you could use to cover your dog bed is a garbage bag. But make sure that you use big and tear resistant bag so it would not easily tear off when your dog move inside his bed. Then afterwards you could replace it with more permanent liners. Survival blanket: another quick solution is you could use a foil survival blanket to cover the bed pad since the size is small, then you need to use several blanket to be able to cover the entire bed pad surface and use duck tape to attached them all.
  • Incontinence pads: you surely know that there are incontinence pads that you could use, although it is dedicated for human, but you could actually use it on your dog bed by adding it inside the cover to create the waterproof dog bed. Choose a washable type so it would be more economical since you do not need to replace it too often, but make sure you provide two of them to replace the one you need to wash.
  • Baby blanket: this is another washable material that you could use inside your dog bed. Since this material is intended for baby you will be able to find one that hypoallergenic so your dog would be safer. Moreover you need to choose material that breathable so bacteria or germ would not infect your dog skin.
  • Piddle pads: for you who do not want to be trouble then you could easily purchase this pad in any pet stores. They have highly absorbance surface in one side while the other is waterproof. But you need to use the absorbance side on top so it could absorb any fluid that may wet your dog bed.
  • Crate pads: this pad is actually sold as your dog bed liners, so you could easily use it on top of the bed pads as waterproof dog bed. There is also dog bed cover version with the pads implanted inside so you could take and wash the cover when necessary after it gets wet.
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